Working committees

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The Association promotes the creation of specific internal Committees that, operating as real working groups, are able to address and analyse issues of particular interest to its members, or support the Presidency in the communication of initiatives and the Association image in general.

The following Committees are currently active, which report to one or more members of the Board:

  • Quality (members’ awareness of UNI EN ISO 9001 Standards and those regarding services, promotion of agreements with Certification Bodies, training courses, etc.);
  • Website (management and updating of the Association Website, encouraging the access of members to their own specific pages or areas);
  • Terms of sale (for customers) and purchase of services (for suppliers), related legal and insurance issues;
  • Association image (promotion of the social image through contact with the press, meetings or conferences open to economic operators, international symposia, etc.).

The assessment of the usability and effectiveness of software and tools for professional translation is a highly topical issue: it may therefore be useful to create a specific Committee to promptly provide members with detailed opinions on the matter, allowing them to make purchasing decisions based on tests performed, a correct assessment of the related costs/benefits, etc. 

In any case, the Board is always open to carefully evaluate any proposals put forward, as well as to assess the availability of members to integrate the Committees that will gradually be formed.