The logo

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The logo originates from the number “one” in Japanese and wishes to assume a “universal” value for “Eastern” and “Western” observers. In the second case, in fact, the number one is visible when the logo is rotated 90°.

Moreover, it confirms the values of unity and union. 

Another interpretation is given, again when rotated 90°, by the abbreviation of “Italy”, reinforced by the use of the colour green. 

The font used is Minion Pro Condensed - in Subhead and Display optical sizes.

It is a modern font (designed in 1990) but classic nevertheless. 

The harmony of the forms and the use of serifs give the glyph an academic value that has led to it being chosen by certain universities for the creation of their logos. 

It is a font that can be used for many languages and alphabets: Nordic, Baltic, Greek, Russian, etc.

These characteristics are in line with the objectives of the Association. 

The logo was designed by Soget Srl, a Unilingue member company.

The logo is used exclusively by the Unilingue Association and its members in accordance with specific rules.