2014 EUATC Conference 2014 on the French Riviera 

The International EUATC Conference was held on 8 and 9 May 2014 at Juan Les Pins in France, in the beautiful setting of the French Riviera. 

The event was particularly interesting for all Unilingue members as the French Riviera is easy to reach by car or by plane, from the Nice Airport. 

Like every year, the EUATC Conference is an important event for networking with colleagues and for establishing new partnerships, especially in light of EXPO 2015, which will be held in Italy.

Here is the link to register for the Conference:


2013 EUATC Conference 

The EUATC Conference was held on 3 May 2013 in Brussels, with the extensive involvement of the European Commission, thanks to the efforts of the Unilingue President in uniting EUATC and the Commission in view of future developments from which Italy and Unilingue members may also benefit, through the training of future collaborators, increased business opportunities and visibility in Europe and the world and, of course, greater commercial opportunities for all Unilingue members.  

Here is the link to the Conference:


Unilingue Meets its Members 

In order to become closer to its members, Unilingue decided to launch the campaign “Unilingue Meets its Members”. 

Thanks to the availability of Confindustria SI (Confindustria Innovative Services) in providing Unilingue use of its offices in Italy, Unilingue will have the opportunity to meets its members and to listen and take on board their suggestions, so as to give both current and future members a strong indication of its presence. 

A Road Map will shortly be provided based on the availability of the offices of Confindustria SI (Confindustria Innovative Services) and for the future our wish is to meet as many members as possible, with workshops and networking events, also in light of EXPO 2015. 


New opportunities for Unilingue members 

Milan – 30 October 2013

On 30 October 2013 at 10.00 a.m., a UNILINGUE SEMINAR entitled “Unilingue projects for addressing the future” was held in Milan - Fondazione S. Carlo, Green Room - with the following program:

  • “Employment incentives for the creation of stable employment relationships”
  • “The Expo 2015 project: new opportunities for members”
  • “New agreements for members” 
  • “New insurance proposals for members” 
  • “The next EUATC Conference: opportunities for members "
  • "The new 2013-2014 Webinar season"


Addressing the challenges of a changing market

Milan - Lombardy Board of Court-Appointed Experts - Vittorio Emanuele, 30

18 May 2012

This seminar was entirely dedicated to companies operating in the sector.

  • “The current state of translation in the world” Speaker: Mirko Silvestrini Unilingue and EUATC President
  • “Unfair competition and the defence of translation agencies” Speaker: Cesare Zanni Unilingue Vice President 
  • “Exclusive legal services for Unilingue members” Speaker: Gardenal Law Firm
  • “Participating in European Union tenders” Speaker: Ornella Hugony Unilingue Vice President
  • “Unilingue questionnaires: a new tool for members” Speaker: Furio Incolto Unilingue Web Manager
  • “New tax regulations introduced by the Monti government: current regulatory framework for translation agencies”
    Speakers: Patrizia Riva and Fabio Bagnoli (Riva Accounting and Audit Firm)
  • “EUATC and the future of translation: possibilities for Unilingue members” Speaker: Mirko Silvestrini Unilingue and EUATC President


Seminar 29/06/2011 held at Assolombarda

The seminar was an important occasion for the presentation of the new General Terms and Conditions of Supply governing relationships with customers and suppliers to members.

The aforementioned Conditions, underlined Furio Incolto,coordinator of the initiative, are the result of specialized legal consultancy provided especially and exclusively for UNILINGUE and the adoption thereof is advisable for Association members in order to govern relationships with customers in accordance with mutual and shared standards.

The General Terms and Conditions of Supply for customers address and govern all legal responsibilities of tender contracts, from subcontracting constraints and confidentiality to the probative value of signatures online. Copyright and ownership of translation memories, the value of “ready for press”, limitation of liability and compensation for damages are now the subject of specific clauses.

The General Terms and Conditions of Supply for translators and other suppliers, which govern the outsourcing of assignments relating to the provision of technical-linguistic services for customers of LSPs, extend to translators - where relevant – responsibilities towards customers such as professional secrecy and confidentiality agreements, the performance of quality control, handling complaints, etc. 

Luigi Gregori presented the "Project – Open" management solution for translation agencies and languages service providers, judged as the best translation management system in 2007 by the Common Sense Advisory from a sample of 16 tested systems. 

Jean-Marie Le Ray, business owner of the member company Translation 2.0, was the speaker at “Marketing for translation agencies”, a training seminar on techniques for the evaluation of resources and company strengths in order to use marketing solutions for brand promotion and commercial success. During the speech, the “future of translation” was emphasized, underlining the key role of technology, from assisted translation to cloud and SaaS solutions - technology representing an obstacle for LSPs but also a great opportunity. 


Common Sense Advisory Seminar

On 11 June 2010, the official presentation of Unilingue, the most important association of Translation and Interpretation Agencies in Italy and Europe was held in Milan, at the headquarters of Assolombarda in Via Pantano 9.

A seminar was organized in conjunction with the presentation of UNILINGUE, where Donald A. DePalma of COMMON SENSE ADVISORY illustrated the panorama of the Italian translation market and its positioning within the European market, with the presentation of the main/major Italian LSPs.
During the afternoon a seminar took place where Donald A. DePalma of COMMON SENSE ADVISORY held a discussion with a small number of companies on the theme: Maximizing the Value of Your Language Services Business.


Federcentri conferences

Unilingue organized in the past, as Federcentri, an International Conference entitled “New Horizons for the translation industry” with a significant number of participants, who were able to attend several sessions, seminars and workshops. 

Some of the titles included important elements such as “The complexity of translation management from the customers’ point of view”, "Collaborative Translation - How to eliminate proofreading for large projects” and "The documentary process and the translation process: a winning combination”.