Why join

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Joining a group as large and important as Unilingue certainly has huge benefits for each member. 

Our motto ‘unity is strength’ should be recalled, as it is only by uniting and discussing the common themes that we are able to obtain the instruments and benefits that allow us to always improve our work and satisfy the increasingly specific needs of our customers. 

In this way, all agencies will no longer think individually but will work together with others in order to always achieve the best result. 

It is thanks to this logic that we are able to enter into important agreements for all members such as, for example, an insurance agreement created especially for Unilingue. Only members may adhere, with specific benefits and advantages. 

Moreover, the insurance agreement is guaranteed by an international agency that developed this instrument exclusively for Unilingue. 

Another advantage of belonging to a group that is growing, numerous, young and dynamic, such as Unilingue, is the opportunity to access training in a serious and continuous manner. In fact, Unilingue organizes frequent updating seminars in various locations throughout Italy, thus allowing all members to participate. 

The subjects of the training courses are varied and all useful for both personal and professional growth.